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The 99% 002: Ray Ortega on 10 Years of Podcasting

July 10, 2015

The 99% is back for Episode 2 with more discussion of the biggest events happening in the world from Michael McAndrew and Lucien WD.

– We survived an onslaught of hate-mail. (Not really).

– We admittedly know very little about Greece’s financial collapse… so we attempt to explain it to our listeners!

– Lucien remembers a Greek holiday and a visit to a mysterious “laboratory”.

– We read some feedback from our new fans.

– The Woman’s World Cup: When will the media cover men and women’s sports equally?

– Apple Music: We start to get the hang of it, but cancel our subscriptions.

– Michael reveals his Hot New Track of the Week.

– Phil Lord and Chris Miller are directing a Han Solo prequel. One of our hosts cares a lot. The other cares a little.

– Marvel, Star Wars and other Disney properties boycott San Diego Comic-Con.

– A fan-made teaser for Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events breaks the internet. We send its creator an email. He does not respond.

– We interview professional podcast producer Ray Ortega, founder of The Podcasters’ Studio and Podcasters’ Roundtable, who talks to us about his work, the origins and evolution of the podcasting medium and what’s next for podcasting. Basically: we talk a lot about podcasting.

– Michael and Lucien discuss some unbelievable-but-true statistics.

– LinkedIn are lying to the world.

– Are there enough ants in the world to make Ant-Man a success?

– Lucien’s sole Freedom Rule is Comic-Con and Star Wars-themed.

– Robot Fails: Autocorrect blunders and Genisys mispronunciation.

– We launch Nicolas Cage Film Of The Week (featuring Bill Murray as The President). This week’s choice is a real surprise…

– Low Stakes Serial update: #NoLockyTheDoors campaign continues; while dodgy circumstances lead public toilets in the hosts’ hometown to be closed.

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