The 99% 009: Unlocking New Doors w/John Hamill

Michael and Lucien are back with a new episode of the self-proclaimed “Greatest Podcast On Earth!”, discussing the biggest social and political stories in the world… and some less important stuff along the way.

–  Where have we been for a whole year?

–  Full English Brexit: Britain votes to leave the European Union. We discuss the causes and consequences.

–  US Election: Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump. How did we let this happen?

–  In our first “99% Features” interview, we speak to John Hamill of Atheist Ireland, who has been battling to have ministers of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster legally recognised as marriage officiants in Ireland.

–  The 99-Second Quiz: Lucien tests Michael’s knowledge of current affairs.

–  Kevin Spacey Film of the Week begins with one of the actor’s inferior projects, 2000’s Pay It Forward.

–  We pay tribute to the unsuccessful Republican presidential candidates with a Hamilton-inspired performance.

–  Low Stakes Serial: School bathrooms are unlocked and Japanese Knotweed’s culinary merit is discovered.

–  This week’s Classic Album is an underrated masterpiece by one of the world’s biggest rock bands.

–  Happy 4th of July, Americans! (*Please don’t vote for Donald Trump*)

–  We’ll be back in 2 weeks with another episode! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and to share the show with your friends!


  1. Mr. P says:

    Glad I have the summer off to listen, analyse, appreciate/critique and prepare lesson plans for next year on these future soundtracks for Reeling In The Years!!
    (Am free for in-depth interviews also!!) Well done!!

  2. Kite says:

    That was probably the most entertaining way to pay tribute to the candidates! Thanks for the bathrooms, was nice not having to race to the other side of the school this year to use ’em. Also, ‘U2’ should pick some better albums XD.

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