The 99% 006: Michael Nugent on Catholic Schools

Michael McAndrew, Lucien WD and guest-host Shane Kelly host the latest episode of The 99% featuring the biggest news, the most in-depth interviews and the most fascinating discussion you’ll find anywhere on the internet!

– Our World Correspondent Shane Kelly reports on his recent trip to Italy.

– Lucien’s epic recap of the first GOP Presidential Debate. He laughed, he cried, he consumed a large quantity of chocolate spread.

– We share some words of wisdom from Donald Trump, Chris Christie, Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee.

– Michael Nugent of Atheist Ireland discusses recent controversies involving Catholic schools in Ireland refusing admission to unbaptised children. He also tells us about his work with Atheist Ireland and the current role of Catholicism in Irish government and society. Learn more about Atheist Ireland at

– The OnePlus 2 and Pebble Time are coming soon. Our Michael is intrigued…

– Lucien hijacks the Hot New Track segment with a song he’s only heard once.

– Michael and Shane review Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation.

– True Detective’s Season 2 finale airs this Sunday. Lucien is still watching.

– A toddler becomes America’s youngest mayor. He’s still a more competent leader than Donald Trump.

– Josh Trank, director of Fantastic 4, says Fantastic 4 is bad. As you can imagine, we have high hopes for this film.

– Jon Stewart hosts his final Daily Show and MuggleCast celebrates 10 years.

– Nicolas Cage Film of the Week is chosen by Michael. What could it possibly be?

– The Podcast Movement takes place this week. “What is it?” we ask.

– Low Stakes Serial: The cost of maintaining public toilets outweighs the toilets’ revenue.

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The 99% 005: Niall Ó Tuathail on Politics in Ireland

Michael and Lucien are back with the latest episode of The 99% – “the podcast for the rest of us”. With fascinating weekly guests along with discussion of news, politics, technology, culture and more, The 99% truly is The Greatest Podcast on Earth.

– We’re joined by Niall Ó Tuathail, a candidate in the next Irish General Election with whom we discuss campaigning, marriage equality, the role of new political parties like Renua and the Social Democrats and the state of Irish politics in general.

– Michael Introduces us to Beme: a video-sharing app with a twist!

– Michael’s Hot New Track is the latest solo single from a Rolling Stone.

– Nicolas Cage Film of the Week: Lucien unearths an underrated romantic comedy.

– Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation ain’t no Ghost Protocol, but Lucien enjoyed it all the same.

– The government uses Father Ted to promote road safety. What has rural Ireland come to?

– Windows 10. Do we know things? What do we know? Let’s find out!

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The 99% 003: Sven Hansen-Løve on “Eden”

Michael McAndrew and Lucien WD are back with another episode of The 99%, your source for discussion, news, reviews and interviews, and officially The Greatest Podcast On Earth.

– Harper Lee’s “Go Set A Watchman” is released. Lucien reviews the first half and discusses the major twist.

– Lucien has a pleasant encounter with the makers of “Inside Out”, and a rather unpleasant one with the new Doritos Roulette.

– Eircode postal codes arrive in Ireland. This is an exciting, interesting topic and we discuss it in detail.

– Thanks to the SNP, fox hunting remains illegal in England.

– Aurora shooter James Holmes found guilty. Is capital punishment the best punishment?

– We interview Sven Hansen- Løve, a highly influential figure in the international dance music scene and the co-writer of (and inspiration for) the upcoming film “Eden”.

– San Diego Comic-Con: A Bluetooth Cpt. Kirk transmitter is unveiled, and Warner Brothers struggle with piracy as they screen “Batman v Superman” and “Suicide Squad” trailers.

– Michael previews the GoPro Hero 4 Session, and laments his lack of a 4K video camera.

– Michael’s Hot New Track is another slow build-up. It’s rather excellent.

– Michael quizzes Lucien on his semi-vegetarianism, and we discuss the justifications for veganism.

– The 2015 Emmy Nominations: Parks & Rec, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, The Newsroom are all deservedly recognised, alongside loads of other shows that people actually watch.

– We read some extracts from the BBFC’s Annual Report. “Mr. Turner” is 2014’s most-reported film, while “Nativity 3” is cut to remove obscene language.

– Statistics of the Week: Super-morbid edition.

– Nicolas Cage Film of the Week is newly-released documentary “The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?”, a film which technically does not star Nicolas Cage.

– Public Service Announcements features Sarah Palin’s Dr Seuss remix, a stalker squirrel and the racist subtext of “Baa Baa Black Sheep”.

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The 99% 002: Ray Ortega on 10 Years of Podcasting

The 99% is back for Episode 2 with more discussion of the biggest events happening in the world from Michael McAndrew and Lucien WD.

– We survived an onslaught of hate-mail. (Not really).

– We admittedly know very little about Greece’s financial collapse… so we attempt to explain it to our listeners!

– Lucien remembers a Greek holiday and a visit to a mysterious “laboratory”.

– We read some feedback from our new fans.

– The Woman’s World Cup: When will the media cover men and women’s sports equally?

– Apple Music: We start to get the hang of it, but cancel our subscriptions.

– Michael reveals his Hot New Track of the Week.

– Phil Lord and Chris Miller are directing a Han Solo prequel. One of our hosts cares a lot. The other cares a little.

– Marvel, Star Wars and other Disney properties boycott San Diego Comic-Con.

– A fan-made teaser for Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events breaks the internet. We send its creator an email. He does not respond.

– We interview professional podcast producer Ray Ortega, founder of The Podcasters’ Studio and  Podcasters’ Roundtable, who talks to us about his work, the origins and evolution of the podcasting medium and what’s next for podcasting. Basically: we talk a lot about podcasting.


– Michael and Lucien discuss some unbelievable-but-true statistics.

– LinkedIn are lying to the world.

– Are there enough ants in the world to make Ant-Man a success?

– Lucien’s sole Freedom Rule is Comic-Con and Star Wars-themed.

– Robot Fails: Autocorrect blunders and Genisys mispronunciation.

– We launch Nicolas Cage Film Of The Week (featuring Bill Murray as The President). This week’s choice is a real surprise…

– Low Stakes Serial update: #NoLockyTheDoors campaign continues; while dodgy circumstances lead public toilets in the hosts’ hometown to be closed.

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The 99% 001: Graham Smith on the Monarchy

Introducing The 99%, an exciting new weekly podcast exploring society and culture, and how people around the world are affected by the events that matter.

– Welcome to The 99%. We explain the purpose of our new podcast, and hear some questionable statistics.

– The US Supreme Court legalises gay marriage across the country. Yay, equality!

– Presidential Election: Christie is in, Trump is racist and Bernie is our choice. (Note: Donald Trump previously spoke of having a pro-choice stance, but is now pro-life. We misspoke slightly when we referenced this topic).

– Michael goes to California, returns with two Apple Watches. He gives his thoughts…

– Apple Music launched this week. We’re still figuring it out.

– President Obama’s singing > Kanye West’s singing.

– Glastonbury 2015 review: The Who and Florence

– Universal Studios are killing it at the box office with Furious 7 and Jurassic World. Will Star Wars beat them?

– We interview Graham Smith, the CEO of Republic- an organisation seeking the abolition of the British monarchy and the establishment of a democratically elected head of state.

– Lucien’s Freedom Rules

– Low Stakes Serial: Barra Convery joins us to discuss the locking of bathroom doors in public schools. Is this a violation of human rights?

– Public Service Announcements: Trump, the Westboro Baptist Church and Jeb!

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