The 99% 017: The US Election

Join Lucien and Michael for a special episode recapping the 2016 Presidential Election, from the debates and primaries to Donald Trump’s victory earlier this week.

– Clinton and Obama graciously concede to Trump… and save the stock market.

– We question the Irish government’s sycophantic congratulation of Trump.

– Aaron Sorkin pens a letter to his daughter in the wake of the election.

– Lucien reveals his Heroes (Sanders, Khan) and Villains (Cruz, Fallon) of the election.

– Are there any silver linings to Trump’s win? We discuss a few theories.

Thanks for following our election coverage over the past 16 months. Stay tuned in the coming months for episodes focused on President Obama’s legacy and Trump’s inauguration, plus much more from international politics and culture.

The 99% 016: Breaking The Internet w/Shane Barbera

Michael and Lucien are back with Episode 16 of The 99% Podcast!

– Apple reveal the iPhone 7, wireless earphones and several other obscenely-overpriced new products.

– Ted Cruz defends the internet from ICANN and Russia. If heCANN, anyoneCANN.

– Stephen Donnelly leaves the Social Democrats and John Halligan causes trouble within the minority government.

– Shane Barbera, the talented animator behind web-series “Bernie Sand Wars”, speaks to us about his work and the current state of politics in the US and beyond! Help fund 3 more episodes of BSW at

– Kevin Spacey Film of the Week is a peculiar Chinese action-comedy we found in a bargain bin.

– Lucien names-and-shames the TDs who voted against a ban on cruel Hare coursing earlier this summer.

The 99% 015: Remembering Gene Wilder w/Rusty Goffe

Michael and Lucien are back with the fifteenth episode of The 99% Podcast.

– We pay tribute to the late, great Gene Wilder and hear from one of Willy Wonka’s original Oompa Loompas: legendary actor Rusty Goffe, who has also appeared in Star Wars and Harry Potter.

– In the absence of Trump and Hillary news, we discuss Jill Stein’s attempt to politicise Harambe.

– Apple are ordered to pay Ireland the tax they owe us. Ireland says “Nah”.

– Dire Straits’ “Brothers in Arms” is our Classic Album, and Margin Call is Kevin Spacey Film of the Week.

– There’s trouble afoot in Oberstown Youth Detention Centre.

The 99% 014: Talking Education w/Michael Purcell

Michael and Lucien are back with the fourteenth episode of The 99% Podcast!

– We’re joined by Michael Purcell, a former teacher of ours with whom we discuss all aspects of the education system and the teaching profession.

– Hillary Clinton launches her own podcast, but she’s too busy to appear on every episode.

– Just when the thought the Trump campaign couldn’t get any worse, Nigel Farage joins in on the fun!

– David Fincher’s Se7en is our Kevin Spacey Film of the Week.

– RTÉ use 9/11 footage to promote the license fee– is this ethical advertising?

– Our Classic Album is MIKA’s “Life In Cartoon Motion”.

The 99% 013: Tackling Racism w/Teresa Buczkowska

Michael and Lucien are back with the thirteenth episode of The 99% Podcast!

– Michael returns from a weekend in Cambridge, and we speak of our accidental encounter with President Higgins.

– The 2016 Olympics kick off in Brazil.

– Ed Miliband declares support for Owen Smith in Labour leadership race, but does anyone really care what he thinks?

– Trump encourages gun advocates to kill Hillary Clinton as GOP elders pen a letter of no confidence.

– President Higgins’ term ends in 2017. Who could be Ireland’s next head of state?

– Teresa Buczkowska of the Immigrant Council of Ireland speaks to us about the new #StopRacism campaign and a shocking report on the rise of racist incidents in Ireland.

– Suicide Squad dominates our Classic Album and Low Stakes Serial segments, and Shane Kelly faces The 99-Second Quiz.

The 99% 012: It’s Only Castles Berning

Michael and Lucien are back with the twelfth episode of The 99% Podcast!

– Shane Kelly joins us this week to discuss Harry Potter’s eighth adventure and the launch of Instagram Stories.

– A recap of the Democratic National Convention, including speeches by Presidents past, present and future and a beautiful appearance by Bernie Sanders’ brother.

– Julian Assange threatens to disrupt Hillary’s campaign with major data leaks.

– Trump insults grieving families, yells at crying babies and baits Russian hackers, yet still has a chance at the Presidency.

– Meet the Third-Party Candidates: Jill Stein, Gary Johnson and the mysterious Mr. Castle.

– Arcade Fire’s Neon Bible is the subject of our Classic Album.

– A comprehensive discussion of American Beauty, our best Kevin Spacey Film of the Week so far.

– Low Stakes Serial features a pair of very serious toilet-related stories.

The 99% 011: A House Built By Slaves

Lucien and Michael bring you the latest episode of The 99%, recorded the week of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia!

– We recap last week’s RNC, including Cruz and Trump’s primetime addresses.

– Owen Smith challenges Jeremy Corbyn for leadership of UK Labour.

– Bernie Sanders and Michelle Obama kick off the DNC with captivating speeches as Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigns.

– Hillary chooses Senator Tim Kaine as her Vice Presidential running mate.

– Roger Ailes quits as chief of FOX News.

– The 99-Second Quiz: Can Michael improve his score?

– We discuss the contenders for the next Fine Gael leader: Leo, Frances, Simon or Simon?

– Michael Bolton’s “Time, Love and Tenderness” is our Classic Album.

– Kevin Spacey Film of the Week is an animated classic you might not know Kevin Spacey is in.

– The Irish ban on gay men donating blood is being eased.

– Low Stakes Serial returns, with a horrific case of local government misbehaviour and communication difficulty.

The 99% will return next week with more great discussion and debate. Visit for the latest episodes.

The 99% 010: Census, Pence and Theresa May

Michael and Lucien are back with another edition of The 99%, recorded the week of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

– Michael talks about his trip to Paris last week as Portugal defeat France in Euro 2016.

– Nice suffers a horrific terrorist attack, while a failed military coup in Turkey also dominates European political headlines.

– Theresa May becomes Britain’s second female Prime Minister, appoints Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary and sacks George Osborne.

– The Republican National Convention begins in Cleveland. Lucien is dressed for the occasion.

– Donald Trump chooses Mike Pence as his running mate, as his wife plagiarises Michelle Obama in a speech.

– We discuss the issues of police brutality and racially-motivated killings that have reemerged in the US.

– The 99-Second Quiz: Will Lucien beat Michael’s high score?

– 99% Features: Neil Nugent of the Central Statistics Office talks to us about the recently-released preliminary Irish Census figures.

– This week’s Classic Album is a William Hung masterpiece, and we’re joined to discuss it by Killian Byrne.

– Kevin Spacey Film of the Week: Lucien does not recommend Elvis & Nixon to fans of either Elvis or Nixon.

The 99% 009: Unlocking New Doors w/John Hamill

Michael and Lucien are back with a new episode of the self-proclaimed “Greatest Podcast On Earth!”, discussing the biggest social and political stories in the world… and some less important stuff along the way.

–  Where have we been for a whole year?

–  Full English Brexit: Britain votes to leave the European Union. We discuss the causes and consequences.

–  US Election: Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump. How did we let this happen?

–  In our first “99% Features” interview, we speak to John Hamill of Atheist Ireland, who has been battling to have ministers of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster legally recognised as marriage officiants in Ireland.

–  The 99-Second Quiz: Lucien tests Michael’s knowledge of current affairs.

–  Kevin Spacey Film of the Week begins with one of the actor’s inferior projects, 2000’s Pay It Forward.

–  We pay tribute to the unsuccessful Republican presidential candidates with a Hamilton-inspired performance.

–  Low Stakes Serial: School bathrooms are unlocked and Japanese Knotweed’s culinary merit is discovered.

–  This week’s Classic Album is an underrated masterpiece by one of the world’s biggest rock bands.

–  Happy 4th of July, Americans! (*Please don’t vote for Donald Trump*)

–  We’ll be back in 2 weeks with another episode! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and to share the show with your friends!