The 99% 021: Netflix and Bill

Michael and Lucien are back with another episode of The 99%, the podcast which can now legally drink in America!

– Ireland is hit with Hurricane Ophelia. We survived.

– Lu talks about his encounter with a Clinton, and we both discuss meeting a broadcasting icon.

– Insects are in serious danger, and nobody’s talking about it.

– Nielsen claim they can measure Netflix viewership, but was Ozark really the biggest show of the summer?

– Low Stakes Serial: Dan Brown offends the Irish!!!

– Rubio and Jeb merch is being sold off. Get your Guac Bowle now!

– President Higgins’ second term: What do the people think?

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The 99% 020: Kerrysplaining

Blaspheme! Mike and Lu are back with the long-awaited new episode of The 99%!

– Our countdown of the 7 Biggest Threats To Humanity Currently

– Mike and Lu live a short bus trip away, so expect more frequent pods

– We recap the March For Choice, and discuss next year’s probable 8th Amendment referendum

– Also coming soon: referenda on blasphemy law and the role of women in the home

– Mike attends a taping of Claire Byrne Live, and witnesses Danny Healy-Rae’s drunk driving opinions

– Since we’ve been gone: Corbyn’s election success, and more lunacy in Washington, D.C.

– The impending nuclear war

– … is not as concerning as the CBS comedy Young Sheldon

– Lu’s blog is a double finalist at the Irish Blog Awards! Check it out at

– Tune in soon for more episodes of The 99% Podcast!

The 99% 019: Rat Race

Michael and Lucien are back with a new episode of The 99%, ready to discuss the latest political happenings in Ireland and abroad!

– The UK are having an election next week, and Jeremy Corbyn is catching up with the Torys.

– Trump takes America out of the Paris Climate Agreement, because he hates the planet.

– House of Cards’ new season is here, and Mike’s watching The West Wing now (to Lucien’s delight).

– The coypu is invading Ireland’s rivers, and we must all be vigilant!

– The Fine Gael leadership contest is over, and Leo Varadkar is Ireland’s next Taoiseach! Michael recaps the debate he attended, and we discuss the differences between Varadkar and his opponent, Simon Coveney.

The 99% 018: Suddenly It’s Spring

Michael and Lucien are back with a new episode of The 99%, and we survived the cold, dark winter!

– Fine Gael leadership contest: will Leo or Simon make the better Taoiseach?

– Tom Perez is elected DNC chairman. Yay for the establishment…

– POTUS 45’s first few weeks: the Muslim ban, the Supreme Court pick and more heinous behaviour from the leader of the free world.

– Enda Kenny prepares to visit the White House. We expect the worst.

– A brief word on Fianna Fail’s recruitment of Stephen Donnelly.

– Oscars 2017: Lucien wins money on Moonlight, but we love La La Land too.

– Some podcast recommendations: NPR Politics, Pod Save America and more.

The 99% 017: The US Election

Join Lucien and Michael for a special episode recapping the 2016 Presidential Election, from the debates and primaries to Donald Trump’s victory earlier this week.

– Clinton and Obama graciously concede to Trump… and save the stock market.

– We question the Irish government’s sycophantic congratulation of Trump.

– Aaron Sorkin pens a letter to his daughter in the wake of the election.

– Lucien reveals his Heroes (Sanders, Khan) and Villains (Cruz, Fallon) of the election.

– Are there any silver linings to Trump’s win? We discuss a few theories.

Thanks for following our election coverage over the past 16 months. Stay tuned in the coming months for episodes focused on President Obama’s legacy and Trump’s inauguration, plus much more from international politics and culture.

The 66% 003: Second Debate Recap

Lucien and Michael are joined by guest Barra Convery for a roundup of the latest US Election news.

– Trump boasts about sexually assaulting women in a leaked audio recording.

– Mike Pence and Tim Kaine face off in an unremarkable VP debate.

– Clinton and Trump’s second Presidential Debate is significantly more exciting. Ken Bone is a breakout star (with a scandal!).

– 23 days until Election Day. Prepare for some fantastic coverage of the campaign’s final weeks!

The 66% 002: First Debate Recap

Lucien and Michael are back with another US Election special update!

– We’re joined by Shane Kelly to analyse the first Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

– Donald sniffles and tells a lot of lies, while Hillary performs a funky shoulder-shimmy.

– Donald’s late-night tweeting is getting worse. Can’t his kids arrange an intervention?

– Tim Kaine and Mike Pence will go head-to-head in this week’s Vice Presidential Debate. We’re not that excited…

– Alec Baldwin makes his SNL debut as Trump… and it’s hilarious.

– We review the second episode of ABC’s “Designated Survivor”.

Tune in soon for more great Election coverage from The 99%!

The 66% 001: Campaign Update w/Darragh Clifford

Lucien and Michael host a special podcast providing an update on the US Election in our absence from weekly episodes.

– US citizen/unregistered voter Darragh joins us to discuss the current state of the campaign.

– Hillary got pneumonia and collapsed on 9/11… but she got over it.

– George HW Bush says he’ll vote for Hillary.

– Joss Whedon directs an anti-Trump PSA featuring a ton of famous faces.

– Lucien reveals his Halloween costume idea.

– We recommend the new TV show “Designated Survivor”, starring Kiefer Sutherland. Now available on Netflix IE.

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