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The 99% 020: Kerrysplaining

September 30, 2017

Blaspheme! Mike and Lu are back with the long-awaited new episode of The 99%!

– Our countdown of the 7 Biggest Threats To Humanity Currently

– Mike and Lu live a short bus trip away, so expect more frequent pods

– We recap the March For Choice, and discuss next year’s probable 8th Amendment referendum

– Also coming soon: referenda on blasphemy law and the role of women in the home

– Mike attends a taping of Claire Byrne Live, and witnesses Danny Healy-Rae’s drunk driving opinions

– Since we’ve been gone: Corbyn’s election success, and more lunacy in Washington, D.C.

– The impending nuclear war

– … is not as concerning as the CBS comedy Young Sheldon

– Lu’s blog is a double finalist at the Irish Blog Awards! Check it out at

– Tune in soon for more episodes of The 99% Podcast!