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The 99% 013: Tackling Racism w/Teresa Buczkowska

August 10, 2016

Michael and Lucien are back with the thirteenth episode of The 99% Podcast!

– Michael returns from a weekend in Cambridge, and we speak of our accidental encounter with President Higgins.

– The 2016 Olympics kick off in Brazil.

– Ed Miliband declares support for Owen Smith in Labour leadership race, but does anyone really care what he thinks?

– Trump encourages gun advocates to kill Hillary Clinton as GOP elders pen a letter of no confidence.

– President Higgins’ term ends in 2017. Who could be Ireland’s next head of state?

– Teresa Buczkowska of the Immigrant Council of Ireland speaks to us about the new #StopRacism campaign and a shocking report on the rise of racist incidents in Ireland.

– Suicide Squad dominates our Classic Album and Low Stakes Serial segments, and Shane Kelly faces The 99-Second Quiz.