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The 99% 011: A House Built By Slaves

July 26, 2016

Lucien and Michael bring you the latest episode of The 99%, recorded the week of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia!

– We recap last week’s RNC, including Cruz and Trump’s primetime addresses.

– Owen Smith challenges Jeremy Corbyn for leadership of UK Labour.

– Bernie Sanders and Michelle Obama kick off the DNC with captivating speeches as Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigns.

– Hillary chooses Senator Tim Kaine as her Vice Presidential running mate.

– Roger Ailes quits as chief of FOX News.

– The 99-Second Quiz: Can Michael improve his score?

– We discuss the contenders for the next Fine Gael leader: Leo, Frances, Simon or Simon?

– Michael Bolton’s “Time, Love and Tenderness” is our Classic Album.

– Kevin Spacey Film of the Week is an animated classic you might not know Kevin Spacey is in.

– The Irish ban on gay men donating blood is being eased.

– Low Stakes Serial returns, with a horrific case of local government misbehaviour and communication difficulty.

The 99% will return next week with more great discussion and debate. Visit for the latest episodes.