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The 99% 007: Harry McCann on Education and Tech

August 21, 2015

Michael McAndrew and Lucien WD host the latest episode of The 99%: the podcast for the rest of us, featuring fascinating discussion of news, debate of hot topics and interviews with interesting people from around the world.

– We stream the start of the show live on Periscope… and get some intriguing questions.

– An announcement on the future of the show.

– US Election: Bernie v Hillary. Lucien hypothesises.

– Deez Nuts enters the race… and he might be elected.

– An article is published explaining every world economic system using two cows.

– Labour Leadership: Andy Burnham v Jeremy Corbyn.

– Google launches “Alphabet” umbrella company.

– An interview with Harry McCann, youth entrepreneur extraordinaire and the founder of KidTech, the Digital Youth Council and the new Future conference in Belfast. He discusses the encouragement of technological education among young people, the life of a 16-year old businessman and running the @Ireland Twitter account for the week.

– Disney’s D23 Expo includes the reveal of a poster for The Incredibles 2. Lucien is uncontrollably excited.

– Straight Outta Compton has a massive opening weekend, whilst there are zero violent incidents at screenings.

– Ashley Madison data is leaked. We investigate potential sponsorship.

– Michael’s Hot New Track is a 19-second song called “Celestial Star”.

– Forrest Gump or Donald Trump: Lucien quizzes Michael on quotes.

– Nicolas Cage Film of the Week is 2004’s National Treasure, one of Lucien’s favourite films. Send us your reviews and win exclusive 99% merchandise!

– Low Stakes Serial: Thugs are stealing turf. Enough said.

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