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The 99% 006: Michael Nugent on Catholic Schools

August 07, 2015

Michael McAndrew, Lucien WD and guest-host Shane Kelly host the latest episode of The 99% featuring the biggest news, the most in-depth interviews and the most fascinating discussion you’ll find anywhere on the internet!

– Our World Correspondent Shane Kelly reports on his recent trip to Italy.

– Lucien’s epic recap of the first GOP Presidential Debate. He laughed, he cried, he consumed a large quantity of chocolate spread.

– We share some words of wisdom from Donald Trump, Chris Christie, Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee.

– Michael Nugent of Atheist Ireland discusses recent controversies involving Catholic schools in Ireland refusing admission to unbaptised children. He also tells us about his work with Atheist Ireland and the current role of Catholicism in Irish government and society. Learn more about Atheist Ireland at

– The OnePlus 2 and Pebble Time are coming soon. Our Michael is intrigued…

– Lucien hijacks the Hot New Track segment with a song he’s only heard once.

– Michael and Shane review Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation.

– True Detective’s Season 2 finale airs this Sunday. Lucien is still watching.

– A toddler becomes America’s youngest mayor. He’s still a more competent leader than Donald Trump.

– Josh Trank, director of Fantastic 4, says Fantastic 4 is bad. As you can imagine, we have high hopes for this film.

– Jon Stewart hosts his final Daily Show and MuggleCast celebrates 10 years.

– Nicolas Cage Film of the Week is chosen by Michael. What could it possibly be?

– The Podcast Movement takes place this week. “What is it?” we ask.

– Low Stakes Serial: The cost of maintaining public toilets outweighs the toilets’ revenue.

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